A peak at my Second Book, Mike Sloan’s story..

Sexy hot older men, Nothing like it.

Sexy hot older men, Nothing like it.


This is the introduction of my second book in the Second Chance series, Mike Sloan’s Story.. For those of you who haven’t read Sammy’s story this book takes off where Sammy’s story ends. I don’t write cliff hangers. What I do write is about the characters that are all in Sammy’s story.

I hope to be done with this book by the end of July maybe sooner. I’m on chapter nine and the story is moving along. It won’t be as long as Sammy’s story as I’ve already introduced the characters in the first.

You can be assured that this book has all the drama, sex, kink, BDSM and suspense maybe even more than the first. I hope you Enjoy this snippet. Oh and let me know what you think..

Introduction After leaving Jake and Sammy’s party on Siesta Key Master Mike Sloan was in a great mood. He couldn’t have been happier for them both and now he had a wedding to look forward to. The lights from his black Mercedes shined along the driveway onto the manicured grounds and all seemed quiet at club Desire tonight.

His mood changed when he saw the old muscle car parked at the far end of the parking lot. He grabbed the package of Italian food that Sammy had packed for him from the back seat and headed for the side door of the Club. It was then that he heard Emily’s raised voice coming from the old cottage at the back of the property, “Get out Tyler. You don’t want to be here when Mike and Charlie come home.”

Mike knew when Emily moved in a month ago that it was only a matter of time before the scumbag would follow her home from work into his backyard. He quickly dialed his cell and put the bag inside the door. “Charlie he’s back, meet me at the cottage.”

As he ran across the lawn he could hear Tyler tell Emily that she was coming with him. Mike didn’t hesitate, his trot went into high gear and he ran up onto the porch and through the screened door. Tyler had her pinned up against the wall. And with a smug look on his face he turned his head to look at Mike then chuckled as he said, “Stay out of this stock boy; she is none of your business.”

Tyler let go of Emily and swung his fist in Mike’s direction and was surprised when Mike ducked. In an instant his arm was twisted around his back as Mike grabbed his collar and kicked the screen door open and threw him down the two steps where he landed at Charlie’s feet. Charlie who was six foot four and built like a brick building was not in the mood for this idiot. He shook his head as he grabbed Tyler by his collar with one hand and escorted him to his car.

Before Charlie let him go he said, “Tyler I am only going to tell you this once; If you step foot on Desire property again you will be leaving in an ambulance. Mike Sloan doesn’t play around when it comes to the safety of women. He is not the kind of man you want to mess with.” Tyler didn’t say a word. Charlie threw him in the direction of his old car and he stumbled from the sheer force of this huge man’s strength. As Tyler got into his car he gave Charlie a look that said he would be back and then spun the wheels as he left Desire’s property.

Charlie just shook his head as he knew this arrogant asshole didn’t have a clue who he was dealing with. He sent a text to Mike telling him all was clear for now and then went back upstairs to his apartment where his girlfriend Rachel was waiting for him.

Emily felt safe in Mike’s arms, they had become friends since that night he found her huddled behind the dumpster at Club Desire. She looked up into his blue green eyes and said, “Mike he must have followed me home from Sir. My girlfriend Alana dropped me off after my shift and twenty minutes later he walked through the door.” Mike wasn’t happy that Tyler Bishop felt he could just drive onto his property and walk into one of his rental units. And that Emily didn’t lock the door behind her when she got home, she knew better.

He told her he would try and make sure someone was here when she got home from work from now on. Mike held her in his arms until he knew she was alright. She didn’t mind it one bit. Mike smelled and felt wonderful, she really wanted to jump his bones but didn’t want to scare him away. Mike said, “Are you alright, let me take a look at you.” He checked her arms and neck for bruises, and then said, “I will be home the rest of the night. And I’ll make sure the cameras are on the cottage and that the grounds are secure. I don’t think Tyler will be coming back now that he knows both Charlie and I are here.” He chuckled, “That idiot still doesn’t know who I am does he?” She giggled as she said, “Tyler Bishop is not the sharpest tool in the shed. I don’t know how he ever passed the bar examine. And I can’t believe he still thinks you are the hired help.” They both laughed as she walked him to the door.

He faced her and moved a piece of her brown hair out of her big brown eyes, “Don’t hesitate to call Em.” She smiled, “I’ll be alright Mike.” She went up on her tip toes and kissed his cheek and said, “Thank you big guy, I really am feeling much better, and knowing that you and Charlie are home gives me peace of mind. Good night Prince Charming.” He smiled and as he stepped out onto and the porch he told her to lock the doors. He made a mental note to let maintenance know he wanted better locks on the doors to the cottage put in tomorrow.

As he walked back to Desire he looked back at the cottage and clenched his jaw. This night could have gone terribly wrong if Emily didn’t keep her cool. He liked that she was a strong woman. And that she could take care of herself. She was different and he felt the need to keep her safe.

6 thoughts on “A peak at my Second Book, Mike Sloan’s story..

    • Yes DG, I am really enjoying Mike Sloan’s book, This one the writing is better, I’m more relaxed and not making as many mistakes either. I have thirty thousand words so far. So half way there. Not making this as long as Sammy’s story. I will let you know when I’m almost done. Hugs my friend. Going through some family stuff, my mind is wondering, it’s hard.. Hugs..


      • Take it easy Annie. I’m inundated with life right now myself. My new book will be out next week! So excited! It is certainly challenging to focus in the calm to write with chaos surrounding us. Aren’t we just magnificent? 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • So excited for you, Your new book is going to be Amazing! Chaos, I’m shaking my head, hahah, yup that’s what it is. And yes I have to agree though it’s not easy but we are Magnificent, haha..Big Jersey hugs headed your way D.G.. MWaaah..


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