Annie Edmonds interview in Siesta Key, “Why I Write”

We had some fun while on our Florida vacation. Hubby took this video while asking me interview questions from authors blog tour. I hope you like it.. Thanks all..

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Annie is the host of the groups Erotic Romance Blog while she writes her second novel and maintains several of her personal bogs. She provides sage advice on her field of romance and invites readers and authors alike to take advantage of the blog comments, guest blogging and author pages.

Annie tells you all about it below.

Annie's Sunset
I am inspired in my writing by many things and events. Romance is a wonderful thing to think about, and inspiration is everywhere, if you are romantic hearted, if it’s excitement rocks your world as it does mine. My book just took control of my psche, it drove me to chronicle it’s story immediately! Once I have a story it compels me to finish, to read again, and again with a fresh-eye.

I always have a journal or computer so that I can jot down things:Annie Edmonds in a dress

Second Chances-Sammy’s Story is a fictional…

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10 thoughts on “Annie Edmonds interview in Siesta Key, “Why I Write”

    • Thanks D.G. I think it came out great too. What did you think of the interview? As you can probably see we, my husband and I had no idea what we were doing. And when all was said and done I should have added to it.
      The next time we do a video interview I think I will make up my own questions, hahah..
      I will start out with something easy like; What’s your favorite color and why?
      Where were you born?
      Then go into; Where do you get your inspiration?
      What does your family think of the genre you picked? Oh that would have been a great question. Lol..

      Oh there should have been at least one of those questions in there. Something to show who I really am. The Jersey girl side. The How you doin side. We live and learn.

      Anyway I thank you for the comment. It’s nice to see someone is actually looking at the blogs I post.


      • Hey Annie, I’m sure many are looking. Hot topic baby! Many are curious and don’t forget, many are afraid to speak. The interview was very casual and natural, I enjoyed it but I do agree with you for more informative purposes to readers, I’m sure they want to know more about how and why you write…especially…how does your family free about your topic? 🙂


        • I will work on that D.G, I guess I will have to find a way to get back to Siesta Key, Want to come? Lol. Yes hot topic. Makes me crazy. Life is short we all need to stop sweating the small stuff. It’s just sex.
          As soon as I get get to the Jersey shore I will be able to add those questions. We had no idea what we were doing. And even my hubby was nervous. But as soon as I can I will make it better. I really want to thank you for being honest with me. It’s not easy to get people to comment. Hugs!!

          As for the book trailer, Jas worked with me. She sent me a prototype and from there we added and took away. The outcome is all Jas. She is very talented and I will work with her any day. 😀


          • Thanks for sharing Jas’ work. Hey, we all live and learn, that’s what life is all about. I look forward to reading your book,( when I get down my TBR list, sheesh). I’d love to come to Siesta, I have friends there. Right now I’m working on a trip to the desert. And yes, I don’t know why so many don’t comment on blogs. Everyone is in a hurry. Tick tock! We all need to remember to breathe! xo 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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  2. Thank you Jas, I posted your logo on my blog at the bottom. When you get time I would love to see your review on Amazon. Just found this new smiling angel, hope it works. 0:)-


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