The Emporium, Chapter Two- continued from 4-7-2014

The next installment of the Emporium by Coleman Weeks, Hot stuff..

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For the up-to-date unabridged Emporium go to: to read it in it’s current entirety.

Dr.'s couch

John was famished after skipping dinner last night. He put on some shorts and a tee shirt as his stomach grumbled. Once he had on his flip-flops and room key he made his way to the continental buffet waiting downstairs. His stomach audibly complained as he almost jogged, he felt as he was twenty years younger. The stress of concealing the affair and hiding his feelings for Annie had drained him more than he knew and now that weight had lifted. John felt as if he was a teenager with his first girlfriend.

He could smell the toast and cinnamon rolls when he walked in the lobby and spied the hot table in the corner. He grabbed a paper plate and chose a cinnamon roll and then drew some coffee from the machine dispensing that…

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