Second Chances-Sammy’s Story by Annie Edmonds * a review with Coleman

Here is an review of my book Second Chances Sammy’s story, from a great friend who I knew would be nothing but honest. I am so glad he liked it. And yes my friend is a male. So having him read this book had me worried. So glad I put that drama along with all the sex in there.. Thank you Coleman Weeks..

MARSocial Author Business Enhancement Book Review

I have known Annie for a while as we belong to several of the same groups and have helped one another in the past, I would call her a friend. I have also known about her book “Second Chances-Sammy’s Story” and how that class of romance fiction suffers a little friction in some author’s circles, but is also loved by others. Spending some of my teenage years in the Navy I am acquainted with erotica, and in assisting my fellow authors promote their work I am becoming acquainted with Romance fiction. My personal preferences range a few classes and even a few Genre, but I do like an action/drama from time to time and mystery/crime stories as well. Imagine my surprise when Annie gave me all of that and more.

Sammy’s Story is about second chances and it is erotica based, but the mystery threw me a curve, and…

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Just sayin..

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