The Emporium- continued from 3/17/2014 post

Another Erotic installment of the Emporium..

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We left our story last week with John Brooks and Dr. Saurpoose in the Viennese-born psychiatrist’s office discussing John’s problematic situation. John is relaxing as well as could be expected on Dr. Saurpoose’s couch while the doctor is in the chair with his legs crossed taking notes and becoming more interested in the patient’s tale than his note taking.

Dr.'s couch

“And you made love?” the doctor looked a little more animated as he slid forward on his chair with his feet on the ground now no longer sitting cross-legged.

“Kind of”

“You did not make love”

“We never got past the foreplay. She got off my lap and took my hand leading me to a small doctor’s table as in the doctor’s examination room, in the corner. It was kind of dark, but when I got closer to it I noticed little belts…

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