I Lost My Virginity!

Now this is what I’m talking about. This couple get’s it. They have talked about it and now their sex life is better than ever..You too can have this..

The Submission of Elle

Let me explain. Last week, on Valentine’s Day, we celebrated our 25th anniversary. We had an amazing and long overdue weekend together, filled with lots of sex, bondage, and play, lots of laughter, and lots of love. It was just the two of us and we didn’t have to worry about bumping into anyone we knew. We stayed at a beautiful hotel in a very kinky city, ate fabulous food (crème brûlée  is such a sexy dessert), shared fantasies and dreams, and simply enjoyed each other immensely.

Leading up to the weekend we had a series of breakthroughs, which we continue to explore, and all I can say is that opening up to each other in the way that we have has made all the difference in the world. I’ll tell you this, in the past I thought we had experienced breakthroughs, but you really know you’ve had one when…

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2 thoughts on “I Lost My Virginity!

    • Thanks Elle, I loved it, Anything I can do to get other couples to see that it’s Ok to let go of their inhibitions.
      All it took was for me to let go. And of course to have a man who’s willing to do his homework and be
      ready. And oh boy was he ready, Lol..


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