So You say you want Romance

What does romance mean to you?

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When I think of romance I think of candles, flowers, soft linens, and Pretty black, white or red lingerie. Or I think of the beach, laughing and playing as I walk hand in hand with the one I love. As he picks up a pretty seashell and hands it to me. Well it’s a gift that I will treasure for ever. He knows me so well. A day at the beach for me can be very romantic. But so can a night in my bedroom surrounded by sweet smelling vanilla/coconut candles. The way the soft light dances on my partners face as he looks at me with such loving eyes. Or the way he kisses my neck and nibbles on my ear. I bite my bottom lip and with one touch I, haha..well you get the picture. 

Either way its all about who you are spending your time with. 


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Just sayin..

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