A Romantic Invitation

Book Covers really do sell books, they are the first invitation to the reader. A great cover can real the reader in and hopefully make them want to read your book

Regina Puckett

A Romantic Invitation

A Romantic Invitation

As a writer, did you ever think that your book cover is an invitation sent from you to your readers? It is. That’s why it has to be eye catching and appealing to the specific customer you want drawn to your book. I write a wide variety of genres so my covers range anywhere from scary to seductive. It’s not always easy finding the perfect fit.

Do you write romance? Then by all means find the most romantic cover you can find. I have discovered that couples work better on the cover than just having have a man or a woman on it. It also helps if the couple looks like they can’t keep their hands off of each other. You’re trying to sell romance after all. This is your best chance of extending an invitation to your readers to go along on a romantic journey with…

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