The time is now! Sexy Sunday # 4



So I have been doing a lot of thinking about this fourth installment of Sexy Sunday all week. And today this is for the Ladies. But guys you can learn a lot by listening to what I have to say. You might even be able to help your lady get started.

Last week we talked about getting online and buying some sex toys. Stepping outside your comfort zone is something that can and will open up a whole new world of sexy for you and your partner.

As women we have been taught to be good girls, not to give it away and to keep it safe. What we should be asking is: who and what are we keeping it safe from? Yea I know you thought the same thing.  Ladies, It’s use it of lose it time.

As women that’s exactly what happens.  We either use it or we lose the want or need to have sex. So you ask how do we get that need back? We start slowly. And we use our brains to turn us on.

Looking at some soft porn, or reading erotic romance books can open up the flood gates to your sexy side.

And once you start to feel that tingle between your legs there is no stopping it. You will need to scratch that itch. So go ahead have some fun with your sexy side. Don’t take it so seriously. Laugh and giggle. Sex isn’t supposed to always be serious.

And if it’s still not working do what I did after my hysterectomy. I got some help by getting some slippery stuff called Zestra. It’s botanical oils and extracts that create deep pleasurable sensations. There’s no pills to take. Just open the packet and put some on your lady parts and feel the tingling start.

You can go to the drugstore or even Target and pick it up. Or better yet tell your husband about it. That’s what I did and my Sir was out the door and back in fifteen minutes. That night my sex life changed. Goodvibes also has a line of lubes called Please. Give them a try. You can order packets for a dollar. Or better yet call them I bet they will send you a couple. If this will bring back those tingly feelings then what do you have to lose. There’s no shame in using the products out there. They are out there for a reason. If you think you’re the only one that has lost that lovin feeling think again. They wouldn’t be making products like Zestra or Please if there wasn’t a need for them.

Ladies here are some facts; men reach their sexual peaks in their twenties and go down hill from there. Now we all know that what I’m saying is not scientific. I’m no doctor and all women are different. Sure those Orgasms we had in our late teens and twenties were pretty good.

But we don’t reach our sexual peaks till we’re in our thirties. Then we get to our forties and the orgasms get bigger and better. And once we hit fifty I can only speak from experience but the orgasms are OMG, Holy Shit! Cue the orchestra, It just keeps getting better.

Yes Ladies our bodies may be changing and our hormones may be out of whack but we can and do have the best sex of our lives as we get older. We want the best orgasms and we want them now! So if you haven’t been teaching your partner what kind of sex you want or like it’s time to start.

Or you can just keep going on the way you have been for years. That’s totally up to you. But if you are reading this post than you’re ready for more sex. That twice a year sex just isn’t doing it for you anymore. You want to feel what all those other women are feeling. Yes you too want those mind-blowing, sheet grabbing, fuck me now Orgasms.

I know I’ve said it before but order yourself a magic wand. And while you’re at it pick out a dildo; rubber, glass or stainless steel, its your personal preference. To tell you the truth I have all three. I would start out with the rubber. Then work your way up to the others. . You might as well start by giving yourself a few amazing Orgasms. Yes that’s right, multiple orgasms, as in more than one all by yourself.

You certainly don’t need a partner to have one or three. What are you waiting for? If you want to know how your body works you need to experiment on yourself first.

And most women need time. We have to clear our minds and think of only ourselves. Which is not easy. We have to learn to be selfish. And we also need lube. There is nothing wrong with adding that slippery stuff to your lady parts. In fact I insist on it.

Now if you want to share the best sex of your life with your partner. You’re going to have to communicate. The more you do it the easier it gets, and the sex gets better too. You will wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.

As women we have a few misconceptions on our brains. One is not to touch ourselves, the other is lube is for old dried up ladies.  Well I am calling Bullshit!  The lube will make it that much more enjoyable.  You are not going to hell. You’re going to find your magic button. And once you find it there is no putting the Jeanie back in the bottle. You will start to want more sex.

If you want to excite your husband send him a text that says you are going to play with yourself. Without a doubt he’s not going to be able to get that picture of you out of his mind. So be prepared for a very horny man when he walks through the door at the end of the day.

Lay back on that bed with the pillows propped up behind you.  Now touch your body. I know it feels funny at first but once you start to explore you are going to be glad you did. Remember there is nothing wrong with it.

In fact the young women of today are doing it all the time. So if you have a teenage daughter do her a favor and get her a vibrating bullet for her eighteenth birthday. Put it into her bag as she leaves for college. It will open up a whole new dialogue between the both of you. Teach her what our mothers were afraid to teach us. Pleasure and sex is not bad or dirty. And there really is no greater stress reliever than an orgasm.

So lets just say you and your partner have never had good sex. Or maybe you just haven’t had good sex in a long time. Maybe every time he made a move or asked you for sex you turned him down. Men will give up after a while. They figure what’s the use in trying. It’s sad but it happens in marriages and with couples every day.

So now don’t you think the time has come for you both to fix your bedroom blues and get back on track. It’s time to turn this love train around. Say to him “Hey babe, you want to have sex?”

Watch the look on his face. He will probably think it’s a trick question. Tell him you’re serious. Show Him it’s not a joke by Smiling while you say, “I’ll meet you in the bedroom in a half hour.”  Go take a shower and get yourself in the mood for an hour of adult play time.

And If you haven’t done this already its time for you to shave your lady parts.  And if he hasn’t done it already ask him to manscape. It’s a new day and a new sex life.

Start out with a passionate kiss. Then look at him and quietly tell him you want to start having more sex. He’s probably going to ask you who you are and what you’ve done with his wife or spouse?

Show him my page or tell him that you want to have fun with this. Ask him if he can bring up some how to video’s on some new and different things you can both try. NinaHartley on U-tube is a good place to start for things like this. The woman is a sex goddess!  And there’s no doubt he knows where the sex video’s are.

And guys your woman is not a porn star. So don’t treat her like one. She is your partner and you love her. If you want her to open up tell her how beautiful she is naked. And take it slow. Be patient with her. Women need foreplay.  And it won’t hurt to brush up on your pussy licking skills either. Practice makes perfect..

Ladies when you do finally get down to it don’t forget to let him know he’s doing a great job by making some noise. Moaning lets him know that it feels good. And if he’s not doing it right show or tell him what you want. Remember who you are doing this with. The one person that knows you best. Maybe you’re just out of practice.

Just don’t give up and don’t get upset if your man gets so excited that he cums in less than a minute. It’s probably because he hasn’t had it in a while, it happens. You’ve been thinking this is the night and he’s done as soon as you start.

If that happens remember you can always start again by turning the lights down low and asking him to be patient with you. Tell him you’re going to give him a gift. Then let him watch you masturbate. You can do this. And believe me he will start making the effort to bring your sex life back from the brink.

Don’t take yourselves too seriously.  The time is now ladies.

Having more sex makes us all happy. And laughing with each other makes it fun. .

I hope you all have a Sexy Sunday.  And don’t forget the lube…



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    • Thank you all for downloading my book, Makes sure you share with your partners. Or just read for yourself. Its fun either way..Enjoy..


    • That strong lion isn’t going anywhere any time soon. The angels are watching over that lion..Jersey hugs coming your way..


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  3. Sure there are times when yur both just horny.That’s just a quickie. But real down and dirty, amazing sex needs foreplay.. Starting up your mate is priority. No doubt you have a happy mate at home..


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    • Thanks Greg, I’m so glad you love my blog. Your comment is very much appreciated sweetie..Feel free to stop by and comment again. We are all friendly here. 🙂


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