All Women Deserve to Orgasm

That’s it the revolution has begun, Lets all write about sex..

Eternity is Worth The Fight

What is this I hear?
What is this they say?
Seventy percent?
I say no way!

Seventy percent of
Women orgasm not
Not good enough girls
It’s time to get hot !

Yes it’s nice to
Please the men
But orgasm’s for them
Happen time and again

Now what about you?
It is time to climax
After a long hard day
It’s the best way to relax

Find a man or a woman
A giver to please
Who will make your legs quiver
When down on your knees

Find that person
Who makes your loins burn
Tell them what to do
Yes it’s your turn!

Don’t be afraid
To cum more than twice
The more you climax
The more you feel nice

When no man is around
Just do it yourself
Don’t be shy now
Take your toys off the shelf

There is something about orgasm’s
Every girl should know

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Just sayin..

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