Sex, Love, It’s what I know

You might say; how can she write about sex, or give advice. Well I’ll tell you who I am. I’m a woman who has been married twice. The first time I was a young but not so dumb twenty year old.  I think we all have to go through lessons in life that teach us to be who we are supposed to be.  I just had to get my lessons at a young age. I became a widow at age 21.

But the angels had a different plan for me and I met the man I was supposed to be with next.  We were married sixteen months after we met, I was 23. Was I ready for this kind of love by then. You bet I was. I think it’s the 28 yrs of being married to my one true love has given me the tools I need to write about Love, Relationships and of course Sex. Both marriages have taught me unconditional love. I have never been divorced and I know pain of the heart oh so well. I also know what its like to live with Chronic pain. I have something called Arachnoiditis, no its not a spider disease. Its clumping of the nerves in my spine.

What gives me the right to give out advice? I think if anything what I have learned I want to pass on to anyone who will listen. I want you out there to not be afraid to go for it. To live your life and to have the best open relationship that you possibly can.  I believe in Love wholeheartedly.And I want to share what I can about love and life and sex onto you so that you too can have some of what I have.

My husband Mike and I talk about everything. We always have. We have the kind of love that you only read about in romance books. Or see on the big screen as the guy gets the girl and they lived happily ever after. What I would love to do is pass some of what I know works on to you the reader.

I believe when we are given this kind of love we need to somehow share it with the world. To show the young and old lovers that it does exists. Yes I am saying that true love is real. And you too can have it.

Now first you have to find that special someone and that happens usually when you least expect it. I found mine at a New Years Eve party. He met me at the door as I came in with a friend. We have been together ever since. I believe in love at first sight. That night I met Mike I do believe that Cupid pulled back his bow and from that night on it was written in the stars that our love would always be magical and it has been.

What I am saying is stop looking. Go about your days and nights. Take a yoga class or a cooking class. Or sign up for one of those online dating services. I know two couples that are married and in love all because of  Staying home is not an option.

I do believe there is someone out there for everyone. And when you meet you will both know it instantly that there is a connection.  There is no denying love when it happens. The smile that never leaves your face. Those tingles you get when you think about him/her. That euphoric feeling you get when he/she wraps their arms around you. And when you look into each others eyes you both just know.  Yes when true love finds you there is nothing you can do to stop it.  So why not just go for it and let it happen.

And if you nurture that love. Treat him/her with the utmost respect and kindness. You can bet that you too will be able to write about love and sex some 28+yrs later.

But If you’re not open and honest with each other from the beginning you might as well forget having that happily ever after. If you’re not able to trust in that love when he/she goes out for a night with their friends. Than you absolutely will screw it up. Jealously if for the immature.  You cannot have a long lasting relationship if you just cannot trust your partner.

A relationship just doesn’t happen because you want it to. You have to be able to give and take. And sometimes it’s you who is giving more and they are taking Or vise versa. A loving relationship is not always 50/50. It depends who needs more at a particular time. Just make sure you’re not the one who is always taking. That right there is a sure fire way to make your partner feel the scales aren’t balanced. Or if you are the one who is always giving its time for a talk.

Now for the sex. You may think that the good sex only comes in the beginning of a relationship. And yes the sex you had when you were first dating was amazing. You did it everywhere, and anywhere. You both couldn’t keep your hands off of each other. Well why can’t you have that kind of sex for always. Guys you have to romance her tell her she is beautiful everyday.  Take her in your arms and Kiss her lips. Tweak her nipples. Slap her on the ass. We all know that men think about sex more then women. But if you play your cards right she will think about it too. Never as much as a man but if you keep the sex fun and exciting she will want it sometimes more than you.

I have said it before in other post and I am going to say it again. Read some erotic romance novels together. Hey here’s a thought start with mine, hahah.. yes Second Chances Sammy’s story is a love story with really hot kinky sex mixed in through the chapters. But even if its not my erotic romance just read them together. Or tell her to read you the sex scenes. She may be to embarrassed at first. So tell her when she gets to a hot sex scene you would love to read it.  I still have trouble reading some of my own sex scenes out loud to my husband. I blush and you know what, he loves that about me. And if you cannot have sex for some reason the reading will help in that department too.

So we have Honesty, Trust, Communication and Sex. These are the four things that you must have to have that long lasting love affair. If you lose just one of them its not going to work. There is the exception and that’s if one of you is sick, or physically unable to have the sex. There is however no reason you both still cannot find creative ways to get each other off.

Lets face it if you are both working on your relationship you are both smiling and happy. You are the couple that nauseates every other couple. You can’t wait to see each other at the end of the work day. You are sending and getting sexy text messages during the day.  Your in love and its five, seven, twenty or even 28 years later. Where did the time go..


Second Chances Sammy’s story by Annie Edmonds can be found at Amazon, or B&n, Ibooks, Kobo, here’s a link to my author page on Amazon.





6 thoughts on “Sex, Love, It’s what I know

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  2. Annie, I thought for an instant you were in my head. This article is so great. My wife had to read it as well and agreed 100 percent. I am always saying, besides being my wife, she is my lover and my best friend. We can talk about anything and no subject is taboo! Just saying, A.G.


    • Agmoye, I am so glad that you and your wife read my blog. See she gets it, she knows that a woman wants to have sex, and be loved by her lover, best friend. Opening up the lines of communication is what its all about. I bet you both have a little pep in your step. haha, Thanks again for letting me know that I am reaching someone, it makes me feel great..Hugs to you both..


    • I know I replied to your post but I will do it again. That’s what I’m talking about. Your wife is one smart cookie. If more couples would just talk about sex and what it is they want there would be happier couples. Enjoy eachother. And thanks for stopping by..a


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