It’s Time for Sexy Sunday, # 1

Sunday Sex is when the pot of Italian gravy is cooking on the stove. You’re sitting at your computer writing your second sexy novel and your husband has just finished checking out your new post on your Pinterest Fantasies page and he comes over and starts nuzzling your neck.

Its Hot, Passionate get down and dirty Sex. There are no rules except making sure you and your spouse both cum today. So what are you waiting for, get up go over to him/her, look into their eyes and say it’s now or never baby. It’s Sexy Sunday!

If you need some kind of preparation get to it. Jump in the shower. Tell your spouse they need to be ready in thirty minutes. All you have to say is Meet me in the Bedroom in thirty-five minutes.  We all know what meet me in the bedroom means.

Get out those toys. Yea now that you’re trying to find your adult toys it’s probably time for some new kinky toys. You will really be surprised what kind of toys are out there. And how women friendly the toy stores are now. If the kids are in the house sneak away. They can do without you for twenty minutes or so. Give them their x-box they won’t care where you are. If there are no kids to worry about then make this epic.

Put on some perfume/cologne and ravish each other. Maybe even pop in a porno. Yes I said it, porn is like foreplay now a days. If you have no porn ask your husband to grab his laptop. I have no doubt he can find something naughty. Now take your clothes off and watch the porn together.  It shouldn’t take long for you both to warm up to each other.

There comes a time in every marriage or relationship when you get into a slump. Well today is the day you get out of that slump. Yes today is the day when you start having sex again. And today is the day you make a pact with your spouse to start having sex on a regular basis.

Take it as a sign that you stumbled onto my blog. Because I’m here to tell you that the slump is over. It’s now or never.

When was the last time you and your honey just did it. No talking, or if that’s what your into go ahead. Giggling is always good. My husband or Sir as I call him in the bedroom is always coming up with new and exciting things for us to try.  And that’s the way I like it. There are no rules to what kind of sex you have today just as long as you have sex today. Blame it on me, Say Annie say’s we have to have sex today and at least once a week from now on. If nothing else it will open up a line of communication.

Now if you haven’t already asked your spouse to read this blog then you might want to send a text, or Slip your honey a note that says today is the first day of our sex life. How do you feel about a mind-blowing orgasm? What ever you have to do just do it today.

I wish you a very happy Sexy Sunday…And don’t forget the lube..


I may not have a PHD but what I do have is a strong thirty year marriage. I bet there aren’t a lot of psychologist out there that can say that. Join me each week for my Sexy Sunday post. I want to hear from you. Comment, ask questions and lets see how we can start a revolution of sorts. A Sexy kind of revolution. One where you get the sex and orgasms, and I get to help couples renew their relationships. Life is a journey worth taking..

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