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So what happens when you join a competition for Author of the year? Well you would think you drop off your excerpt and wait till the end to see what happens.But that’s not what happened when I entered on Mars. This wasn’t your typical competition, this was an altruistic competition. Of course I had to look up what altruistic was. And when I found out it was about helping others I was all in. In fact I was one of the authors that had made this an altruistic comp I just didn’t know there was actually a name for it.

I signed up for this competition in the beginning of November 2013 on And it didn’t take long before I had met some wonderful and amazing people who just happened to be authors. I didn’t expect to meet people that I would want to call friends. But that’s exactly what happened.
These are amazing authors from all over the world. From the United States to as far away as Croatia and France, Israel, Canada, Scotland, England Ireland and everywhere in between.

This contest started out like any other but there was tweeting and sharing involved. This was a contest that was more about working together. The authors were talking. And if you think about it, that right there is something that almost never happens.
We decided to change the rules a bit in the first week and not only tweet our own excepts out to the world. We would tweet every excerpt that entered out to the world.

In the beginning it was easy. There was about fifty entries. But within a month we had a hundred and sixty entries. We got to see what these authors were made of very quickly. Would all be doing their part and tweet each excerpt? Of course not But about twenty of us did and yes it took about an hour to tweet all those excerpts. Sometimes longer if that ol Blue bird on twitter decided to give us a time out for tweeting excessively.

Not one author gave those authors who were not tweeting a hard time. And we didn’t have any authors that were abrasive or mean. Each time a new author signed in we welcomed them with open arms. We joked and laughed with each other on a daily basis and a month into it the different personalities shined through. We talked about that blue bird on twitter and how often he was putting us in twitter jail. As you can imagine with authors their imaginations were running wild. We basically had fun with it.

And so now its three month into this altruistic competition and we have about forty finalist who for the most part have been doing their part day in and day out. We still post most days and we are getting to know a whole new group of authors that joined in December. Next week this competition will be over and that’s when we find out who was true blue and who wasn’t. Most authors are alone, they write, edit, re-write, edit again and publish.

And that I have friends that happen to be authors is a great feeling. If I need someone to read a ruff draft or if they need me, we are there for one another.

I don’t think any of us really has any idea how this competition is going to end on February 1st. We all thought it was going to end on January 1st and it turned out we had a month to go. But if that happens again there will be a mutiny on Mars.


Here’s a side not to this author of the year competition.

So the competition ends a day before it was supposed to end and I am one of the runner up’s. What I don’t get is aren’t we all runner up’s. There is only one winner and would you believe it’s an erotic romance. I’m still not sure how this competition came to a conclusion. In fact most of us are wondering the same thing. But I will leave that for another day.

There is two things I’m taking away from this weird competition. The first is I had the privilege of meeting some amazing indie authors. And I hope to stay in contact with these authors for a very long time.  Number two is I learned how to write a press release. Other than that all I can say is that I could have done without the competition that took up three months of my life. But hey you live and learn. This Jersey Girl is done.

2 thoughts on “Authors helping authors

  1. I was kind of turned off by the ‘competition’ as soon as I realized it was just about spamming links to Twitter and FB. I don’t have a problem promoting my fellow authors, and I routinely RT other people who RT me. This just seemed like it was a deck stacked towards people who run autotweeters and the like, and those with large followings who also use autotweeters. The idea was a good one, but the practice left a bad taste in my mouth.


    • Lee, We authors really were into helping each other.
      We really believed if we stuck it out there would be something waiting for all of us at the end.
      In the end it was a lot of work. Three months of tweeting was just a lot.
      But I have some great new friends who are all indie authors.
      The contacts I have made are invaluable and I learned how to write my own Press release.
      Would I do it again. Probably not. thanks for commenting. Annie


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